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The events are a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. The HOT SPOT MUSIC CLUB is a friendly and relaxed venue.  Read below for details of all of the events taking place.

Roll Over Beethoven – July Tour Dates

Daniel Jeanrenaud alias ‘The Camden Cat’ and Rockin’ Roll king of the London underground is heading your way for a short Irish tour. He has assembled a band of Irish musicians to augment his sound of the greats! The Hot Spot Music Club is proud to present this first ever Irish tour.

If you like Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochrane, Elvis or Fats Domino do not miss this tour! Daniel Jeanrenaud is fronting James Delaney on keyboard who has played with Chuck Berry himself as well as Van Morrison; Simon Farrell on double bass who toured with Imelda May in 2008 and Shane Atlas on drums. Other bands under their collective belts include Gavin Povey & the Pavement Kings.

The ‘Roll Over Beethoven Tour’ rolls into the STOCKHOUSE in Trim on Wed July 19; The DALKEY DUCK – Thurs 20; The HOT SPOT MUSIC CLUB – Fri 21; CRANE LANE THEATRE Cork Sat 22 & The SPINNAKER, Dunmore East Sun 23


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Every Sunday from September to June

Drop up to the Hot Spot for our weekly Sunday Jam from 4pm. Sometimes it’s jazz, sometimes it’s ukulele and sometimes it’s just plain ol’ roots! To participate, perform or promote – email


Host your private party – It’s the hottest spot in Greystones!  For smaller party numbers e.g. 20 – 25 you can reserve the upper deck at a gig of your choice & bring your own nibbles!

You can buy discount tickets to most events online, in person at the venue during opening hours or by phone 087 2917519 (cr. card)

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Birds of Olympus

    Doors open 8pmTickets/Admission €7

    Heading off to SXSW in Austin, Texas in a few weeks time, it’s unheard of for a band to blend and migrate between sonic textures with such casual prowess as have The Birds of Olympus. ‘Boulder dash’, you say, ‘that’s unheard of.’ Well, prepare yourself for some new truth, my friend. Prepare for a brain bomb.

    They say it all began the day Spud Murphy had a thunderous headache. Out from the cracks and crevices of his skull came the fully formed Birds of Olympus.The Birds descended from the lofty heights of the abstract air into the earthly realm of the human heart, the Dance. There they shifted form, metamorphosing into vine-like serpents that swam into the (reverberating) canals of the ears of those whom had finally learned to hear. Hear the call. The call of something intangible that inexplicably makes human flesh move, come alive.

    The Birds of Olympus incorporate different, sometimes opposing, sounds in order to achieve a consonance that registers as both mellow and powerful at the same time. For instance, just as the earthy psychedelic and tranquilized beats of songs like ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Cinder to the Sun’ have you nestled into that thoughtful place, ‘Vine of the Soul’ rolls in all rosy-eyed and looking for a dance. It’s a mixed bag.

    Formed in the breezey coastal town of Wicklow, the band is the brainchild of former Hybrasil frontman Spud Murphy, Donal Colohan (Guitar), and Derek Byrne (Drums), Darin Joye (Guitar) and Rory Clarke (Bass).

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