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The events are a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. The HOT SPOT MUSIC CLUB is a friendly and relaxed venue.  Read below for details of all of the events taking place.

Every Sunday from September to June

Drop up to the Hot Spot for our weekly Sunday Jam from 4pm. Sometimes it’s jazz, sometimes it’s ukulele and sometimes it’s just plain ol’ roots! To participate, perform or promote – email


Host your private party – It’s the hottest spot in Greystones!  For smaller party numbers e.g. 20 – 25 you can reserve the upper deck at a gig of your choice & bring your own nibbles!

You can buy discount tickets to most events online, in person at the venue during opening hours or by phone 087 2917519 (cr. card)

Event Information:

  • Fri

    Swinging 60s Party


    Twenty one year old Darragh Kelly from Greystones died suddenly in his student accommodation in 2003. He was a popular fit sports loving young man with no previous history of a heart condition. Following family screening, not available in this country at that time, his younger sister Eleanor was eventually found to have a condition which can cause an electrical disturbance of the heart rhythm. She was given life saving treatment and now lives a very normal life with a normal life expectancy.

    In 2006 the Mater Family Screening Clinic - - was established to screen high risk families for conditions that can cause SADS (Sudden Adult/Arrhythmia Death Syndrome). The clinic, which is funded totally by charitable donations has already screened over 4,500 family members.

    The Kelly family would like to raise awareness of the fact that up to a hundred young people die of SADS each year in this country and that any family who has suffered a sudden unexplained death of a young person, including SIDS should have their family screened.

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