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The events are a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. The HOT SPOT MUSIC CLUB is a friendly and relaxed venue.  Read below for details of all of the events taking place.

Every Sunday from September to June

Drop up to the Hot Spot for our weekly Sunday Jam from 4pm. Sometimes it’s jazz, sometimes it’s ukulele and sometimes it’s just plain ol’ roots! To participate, perform or promote – email


Host your private party – It’s the hottest spot in Greystones!  For smaller party numbers e.g. 20 – 25 you can reserve the upper deck at a gig of your choice & bring your own nibbles!

You can buy discount tickets to most events online, in person at the venue during opening hours or by phone 087 2917519 (cr. card)

Event Information:

  • Fri

    The 3 Wise Men of Comedy

    Doors open 8pmTickets €14 - €16

    Father Ted Christmas Party with the 3 Wise Men of Comedy - Golden boy, Paul Tylack, Kevin-cense Gildea, and the heavenly scent, Myrr. Joe Rooney are treking to the Hot Spot 3 days before Christmas when all the shopping is done and you're up for a good laugh!

    Joe Rooney
    The first wise man of comedy Joe Rooney has had them laughing all the way for over twenty years and yes you know him as Father Damo from the Father Ted series, the one who was a bad influence on Father Dougal. And from his six years on Kilnasully as Timmy where he worked as both an actor and screenwriter. You’ll also know Joe from his performances in many films like the incredible “Flying Saucers Rock n’ Roll” alongside Ardal O’ Hanlon, a homage to b/w American B movies of the sixties, shot in Keady in Northern Ireland on a set that represented 50’s America. In another short ‘Adolf and Eva’ Joe played Adolf Hitler in his last moments in the bunker bickering with Eva Braun over who gets the gun and who gets the cyanide tablet!

    Paul Tylack
    Life couldn’t get any more diverse for our second wise man of comedy, comedian, writer and actor Pa Tylak, who has worked alongside the cast of Father Ted, aliens Zig and Zag and award-wining cartoon-character, Roy. Paul is the one who threw FATHER TED into a volcano dressed as an amazon warrior, in the episode “Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse”. As Paul recalls – “Just as we’re about to throw him in, Ted says “Ah come on lads, would you not consider changing to Catholicism?” to which I said in a very rich Dublin accent “Ah no, we don’t really agree with de pope’s stance on abortion, sorry pal!” and then we throw him in, and he wakes up screaming, it was all a dream.” Paul also enjoyed playing a tiny weightlifter in the new Zig and Zag series, and most of the baddies in the new Little Roy series, as well as playing a huge whale, and also the parasite who lived on its head in “Two by Two” (Ireland’s biggest-grossing home-grown movie last year) because they both had very different voices. One voice was very deep, the other high-pitched, and all their scenes were together, but nobody knew it was the same guy doing them both, of which he is quite proud of!

    Kevin Gildea
    Our third wise man of comedy has appeared in Father Ted (playing Father Cave in the episode set on a plane); the six-part 1999 BBC2 sketch show Haywire and is a regular on RTE's topical panel game - The View. Kevin has also appeared in BBC Radio 4's - The O'Show and has performed regularly at all major Irish festivals including The Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, Kilkenomics, The Electric Picnic, The Vodafone Iveagh Gardens Festival, Jest Fest and The Edinburgh Comedy Festival. He is also a member of Dublin Comedy Improv. Kevin was also a regular writer/performer on RTE TV's satirical sketch show Irish Pictorial Weekly and was Ted Meaney in TV's ‘Bridget and Eamonn’.

    3 wise men comedy meetup