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The events are a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. The HOT SPOT MUSIC CLUB is a friendly and relaxed venue.  Read below for details of all of the events taking place.

Every Sunday from September to June

Drop up to the Hot Spot for our weekly Sunday Jam from 4pm. Sometimes it’s jazz, sometimes it’s ukulele and sometimes it’s just plain ol’ roots! To participate, perform or promote – email


Host your private party – It’s the hottest spot in Greystones!  For smaller party numbers e.g. 20 – 25 you can reserve the upper deck at a gig of your choice & bring your own nibbles!

You can buy discount tickets to most events online, in person at the venue during opening hours or by phone 087 2917519 (cr. card)

Event Information:

  • Sun

    SILLK - Indie Folk group Orla Travers & Julian Halpin

    17:00Admission Free/Donations Welcome

    Indie folk group SILLK are setting a tone and creating a texture all of their own in 2017. They have been honing their performance skills in preparation for going to the next level on the Irish and international stages. Now, armed with their debut EP ‘Time is a Clock’ and a humorously macabre music video for ‘Switchblades Don’t Sleep,’ SILLK are excited about things to come.

    The band formed out of Orla Travers’ necessity; a necessity to tell stories and to write songs. She and Julian Halpin got together in 2010 and travelled the length and breadth of Ireland together, playing music. With Orla’s words as the creative backbone, they set about creating complex and atmospheric arrangements to match the world about which she was already writing.

    Because of their varied backgrounds (short story writing; classical, traditional and electronic music; theatre performance and sound design; and hairdressing...), SILLK’s sound and style are hard to pin down. As renowned LA producer Ruairí O’ Flaherty said of the new EP, “each track is its own world.”

    SILLK’s infectiously fun live show has gained them fans all over Ireland and in the cafes of Istanbul, Reykjavik and Marrakech (let’s just say SILLK don’t travel anywhere without their instruments!)

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