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Paul Byrne, music Journalist & Impressario

Posted on 10/01/2014 in Music | Comments Off on Paul Byrne, music Journalist & Impressario

Paul Byrne

The best gigs make you feel like you’re both at the centre of the world and in a friend’s living room, that you’re leaving the everyday behind as art takes you to another place, beyond the clouds, whilst also feeling as though right here, right now, everyone in this room is connected, rooted to the spot. Well, The Hot Spot tends to deliver such moments in abundance, being big enough to accommodate a roaring crowd and small enough to make you feel like you could throw your arms around everyone there.

Of course, it helps when what’s up onstage has that special something, and The Hot Spot has been going far beyond the pub rock fare to find the weird and the wonderful, the warm and the wild – whether it be through poetry, or stand-up, or crafts, or just good ol’ rock agus roll. Is it any wonder that The Hot Spot draws an eclectic crowd too? And is it any wonder that most gigs end with shiny, happily dazed and confused people sauntering and singing off into the night…?